The Counterpoint Sessions

Yesterday, we were invited to attend the first of a series of ‘The Counterpoint Sessions’ at Whitechapel Gallery; a new initiative designed to bring together artists and pioneers working across the arts sector and creative industries.

With a focus on the empowerment and celebration of female talent, the morning offered a chance for cross-cultural exchange between professional arts and business practitioners. The day began with a breakfast networking event, where we met some really ambitious and inspirational people who are in the midst of starting up new businesses and currently working on some exciting projects across London.

After, we attended an in-conversation between Whitechapel Gallery’s Director Iwona Blazwick and Paloma Strelitz, a founding member of Turner Prize-winning collective Assemble.

Discussing the work of the art, design and architecture practice, we heard about some of Assemble’s most inspiring projects to date; including some ongoing projects with various communities across the UK. It was great to hear more about the achievements and aspirations Assemble has in sustaining the work of the collective and considering how they are navigating their way amongst the social and political challenges that communities face today.

We also got a chance to view Brickfield, a project produced by Assemble for the annual Whitechapel Gallery Children’s Commission, on show at the gallery until 16 April 2017.