Frieze 2017

Frieze Art Fair has come and gone for another year. This year, the 15th edition of Frieze London and 6th edition of Frieze Masters seemed to pass by in a frenzy.

One particular highlight was the bizarre and mesmerising performance by Georgina Starr. Included as part of Frieze Projects, ‘Androgynous Egg’ is a new, immersive, musical performance piece set inside a sculptural backdrop.

Georgina Starr (b. 1968, Leeds) is known for creating works with complex, emotional narratives, in which she explores female identity, history, fiction and biography to create multi-layered theatrical events. This performance was the artist’s first in London for over a decade.

Starr discussed the work with Phaidon just before the fair and explained:

‘It's a 'reading' from my novel Empress 66 99 in the very loosest sense. I am working with six women — two experimental vocalists, a soprano and three physical performers, so it will be a combination of vocal sounds and choreographed movement. I'll be focusing on themes, noises and textures from the book rather than doing a reading or enactment. A particular voice within the novel's prologue haunts the whole book - it describes an environment, colours and abstract action, instruction and sound. This was my starting point. I used this text as a type of manual to set the atmosphere and energy for the piece while channeling ancient creation myths, cosmic androgynous eggs and prismatic psychotic concave mirrors.’

See left and below for some of our highlights from the fair this year.