Hotel Sanders, Copenhagen

The collection of commissioned artworks for our latest project, Hotel Sanders, are now in production.

Dais has sourced and commissioned an art collection to compliment the historical context and new design scheme of the unique boutique property opening in Copenhagen in 2017.

Hotel Sanders is built in a classical 19th century building in the heart of Copenhagen, and is a stone throw away from The Royal Danish Theatre. The owner, Alexander Kølpin, is a renowned ballet dancer, creative producer and entrepreneur.

Kølpin says the core concept of the hotel is to provide a 'home away from home' with an intimate space housing 52 bedrooms, a restaurant, bar and conservatory that opens to the night sky. Architecture and interior design studio Lind + Almond have focussed on creating an environment that is the ultimate in understated luxury.

Dais worked with Lind + Almond to provide a collection of artworks that are inspired by the hotel's local area, as well as the history of Danish art and design. The works in the collection make a subtle reference to The Royal Danish Theatre with pieces that focus on the body and movement. Other works in the collection reference the modernist and expressionist periods, two periods that have become synonymous with important works of Danish art and design. As well as this, classical still life pieces and delicate ink drawings have been commissioned, creating subtle and intimate objects of interest for those staying at the property.

Artists featured in the collection will include Emma Bennett, Kirsty Buchanan, Mat Chivers, Lily Ludlow, Pavlina Ecclesiarhou and Elke Sada.

More info coming soon.