Fulham Wharf - Install

Dais Contemporary installed a large hanging sculptural work by Japanese artist Kentaro Yamada and five large textile wall hangings by Greek artist Ismini Samanidou at the Fulham Riverside complex, London.

Yamada's sculptural work took several months to produce with a large metal base being forged and put together in a studio in Glasgow. Yamada also had a complex lighting system made of fibre optic lighting and ceramic leaves that was put together by himself and a specialist lighting studio in Coldstream. Each of the ceramic leaves were hand crafted, fired and glazed by the artist before being attached to the fibre optics.

Samanidou's textiles were intricately designed and crafted by the artist on a jacquard loom. The jacquard loom is a mechanical loom that was first used and invented in the early 19th century. Each textile piece had to be hand cut after being woven and stretches over four meters in height. The artworks are part of the complexes double height concierge area and were commissioned to hark back to the history of Fulham Wharf, creating a sense of place and history for those living in and visiting the site.