Angler Private Dining Room

Dais Contemporary provided a large scale bespoke artwork for the private dining room of the award winning Michelin-starred restaurant Angler in South Place Hotel, London.


Stretching over one and a half meters in diameter the artwork was produced in matt black paint and silver leaf by Central Saint Martins graduate Rachel Gerrard. Titled 'Celestial Sphere' the artwork looks at the movement and patterns of stars.

Representing the notion of interconnectedness of all life, from afar the artwork can be understood as a mapping of matter on the atomic level as well as the macrocosmic.

Dais selected the artwork, along with operators D&D London, for the space feeling that the work connected with the gastronomic themes of the restaurant, looking at both macro and micro worlds.


Led by Executive Chef, Gary Foulkes, Angler is a dazzling Michelin-starred restaurant, a favourite of gastronomes. With seafood at its heart, the ever-changing menu features only seasonal and carefully sourced produce. The restaurant is owned and operated by D&D London.